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  • The initial appointment can be a little longer. It takes time to consult, do your customized set, and go over aftercare instructions. Our beds are heated, to ensure you have a relaxing experience. Have something to eat before you come so you rest comfortably. Please do not drink coffee before y0ur appointment as this can make your eyes jittery. 
  • Most importantly, please arrive to your lash appointment on time and with no eye makeup on. Regular mascara should be avoided at least 12 hours before your appointment. Mascara is made up of waxes + oils that leave an invisible film on your lashes. This prevents the lash adhesive from adhering to your natural lashes correctly. Please ensure your lashes are clean so retention is not affected.
  • Please also be sure to remove your eye contacts before your lash appointment as well. If you wear glasses, please bring them to your appointment.


  • Cleansing your eyelash extensions daily with a specially-formulated lash cleanser is key to achieving great retention of your eyelash extensions. Please ensure to ask your lash tech what you should be using. Not everything you see advertised on the internet is acceptable. Thoroughly cleansing your lashes prevents the build up of any impurities- such as dirt, oils, environmental impurities + dead skin cells. If lash extensions are not cleaned properly, a condition called blepharitis can occur. Natural lashes and extensions love clean lashes! It is possible your lash technician may recommend a lash serum only if needed. Again, please avoid what you see on the internet. Not all serums can be used with lash extensions.
  •  Avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after your fill appointment.
  • Stay away from any type of oil-based beauty products such as face makeup, liquid eyeliners, eye creams, etc. Oils are known to break down the adhesive used to apply the eyelash extensions- so if your lashes come in contact with any types of oil based products, your retention will be poorly effected.
  • Do not use mascara as it destroys the bond of the adhesive to your natural lash, which will cause a majority of your lashes to shed. Mascara cannot be cleaned properly from the lash extensions. This increases the risk of bacterial infection.
  • Try not to sleep directly on your face.
  • Please keep in mind, in order for your fill appointments to be optimum:
  1. - you must have at least 45% of the lash extensions from the original set remaining. It is important to stay on top of following the instructions given to you in order to get the most out of your eyelash extensions.
  2. -please be on time and rebook your appointments for every 2-3 week intervals to ensure longevity and look of your lash extensions.
  3. please show up to your appointments with no makeup on/around your eyes.
  • Lash extensions are synthetic. They singe very easily due to excessive heat. Please be extremely careful:
  1. -when opening the oven door, dishwasher, toaster oven, etc. (the initial burst of heat)
  2. -campfires and lighting the barbeque
  3. -be careful when blow drying your hair
  • Avoid unneeded excessive sweating while working out
  • Refrain from  hot tubs and saunas. This causes excessive sweating and breaks down glue retention. This can cause your lash extensions to come off. 
  • Do not pull your extensions or rub your eyes. 
  • Never use a lash curler on lash extensions.
  • Your lash technician may recommend a lash serum
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