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Certified Lash Training

 Are you just out of school and looking for a career in beauty? Are you looking to start a new career or looking to switch from what you presently do because you aren't happy, don't feel appreciated or feel you are underpaid? Have you or your spouse been affected financially because of a layoff or termination due to covid?

Are you thinking of becoming a certified Lash technician? Does the idea of working for yourself and owning your own business appeal to you? Does having the financial freedom to travel, pay off debt and have some money in the bank to spend at your leisure appeal to you?

Having all these questions and no one to ask can be very overwhelming. Not having answers to your questions can also stop you from possibly making the best financial decision for you and your family's future. If you are seriously considering taking a lash course to become a certified lash specialist, but need a more clear perspective before making a at Cobo Lash and Beauty Bar you can schedule no charge in salon or zoom meeting with Stacy. She will sit down with you and answer all your questions about your journey to becoming a certified lash tech, financial questions, explain how extensions are applied and tell you what you need prior to taking any of our courses, what courses we offer and duration of course outline. Put your mind at ease, so you can make an informed decision as to your future and financial goals. We recommend you write down your questions prior to a meeting and have a notebook present to write your answers down.  We will help you to become the best you can be as a lash tech. ***Please note*** there is no charge to schedule a meeting with Stacy. There is no commitment after the meeting to take a course either. 

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you are an already certified lash technician through another establishment and are struggling with technique or whatever it may be, we offer mentorship as well. This is done at an hourly rate.  We recommend to schedule a zoom meeting with Stacy so we can best decide where to focus on, etc.

Lash Certification Inquiries


Phone (Text)*

Email Address*


When are you wanting to become Lash Certified?

***Please note: Classic training is a 2 day course. Volume training is a 3 day course (dates to be determined by instructor and student)

Contact us for lash course fees. Deposit is needed to secure date of course.

Classic Lash Training

 (1:1 -one lash extension applied to 1 natural lash)

Volume Lash Training

(7:1 -up to 7 lash extensions applied to 1 natural lash)

Mega Volume Training 

(15:1 -up to 15 lash extensions applied to 1 natural lash)

If you are already a certified lash technician, but are struggling with your technique?

1) We will come to your establishment and help with what you are struggling with.


2)You can come to our salon and we will help y0u to improve your technique.

**Please note: This is charged as an hourly rate

Contact us for hourly rate. 

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