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What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. At a very young age, our body produces it in abundance. As we start to get older (25-30 yrs of age), we start to see a decline in what our body produces. It's unfortunate because collagen is needed for so many required health benefits. In order to maintain health, wellbeing and beauty, we need to supplement it as we get older. Our hair thins, skin starts to sag, wrinkles begin to form, changes in teeth, muscles, joint aches and the list goes on. The number one loss of aging starts with the loss of muscle mass and muscle atrophy.The majority of collagen sold in the market have only 1-2 collagen sources at most.

Xyngular Complete Collagen has 3 different sources...

-grass fed bovine beef collagen peptides

- wild caught marine collagen peptides (does not contain shellfish, but is partially sourced from whitefish)

-cage free chicken collagen peptides

-dairy free-gluten free-stimulant free-soy free

***Please note***

Xyngular Complete Collagen per container is $113.40 (GST included). 

Please reach out to Stacy before sending etransfer so we can arrange delivery/pickup options.

Payment can be made by etransfer to:

We will deliver in Sherwood Park only. If ordering in or outside lying areas of Edmonton, please make arrangements with us to pick up at our salon or we can order it online with your details and have it delivered straight to your residence. If your choice is to have it shipped to your residence, please allow for 10-14 shipping days.

Health Benefits of taking one scoop per day of Xyngular Complete.

-hair/skin elasticity/nails

- ligaments/ tendons/muscles/ joint lubrication

-more energy/better sleep

-promotes proper digestion/gut health

Why is Xyngular Complete Collagen so amazing?

It's more than just skin deep. It's Complete. Most other market collagens contain only 7%. If it's only 7%....the question you have to ask is..."What is the other 93% remaining in the container?"

The answer is ... Usually it's made up of fillers.

Xyngular Complete Collagen is made up of 89% collagen. This means only 11% are fillers. Our filler contains Vitamin C (boosts antioxidants) and fulvic minerals (boosts immune system and helps with digestion and absorption), hyaluronic acid (fine lines and wrinkles) , essential amino acids (skin damage and acne) and digestive enzymes (aids in digestion and gut health).

Xyngular Complete Collagen is truly amazing! You will not be disappointed! Just one scoop per day in a 8oz glass of room temperature/ warm water (or any liquid you prefer), yogurt, or shake. Pina Colada flavoured. It's delicious!! One container lasts on average approximately 1 month or longer.

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